HCSS Thermal Recovery Project

The Company's Sawn Lake oil sands properties are located within the Peace River oil sands area of Alberta where the oil sands deposits are buried deep beneath the earth's surface and cannot be open pit mined. These oil sands deposits can be developed by drilling beneath the surface and using various in-situ recovery methods to extract the oil sands. Because these oil sands deposits must be recovered from beneath the surface they leave a smaller environmental surface footprint than open pit mining.

The Company plans to drill two horizontal wells along with two vertical observation wells on the North half of section 10 in order to conduct a Horizontal Cyclic Steam Stimulation (“HCSS”) production test. The HCSS process injects steam into the oil sands deposit through a horizontal well. Pressure then pushes the steam into the oil sands while the heat of the steam allows the bitumen to flow easier. As the steam soaks into the oil sands deposit, the heated bitumen flows back to the same well, which has been converted to be a producer and is pumped to the surface. This process or cycle is then repeated several times in the formation.

For futher information on our HCSS Project click on and download the following brochure:

HCSS Oil Sands Project Brochure