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Proposed Thermal Recovery Project  

In February 2012, we submitted to the ERCB an application to modify our approved CSS application. This modification seeks to change the vertical Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) earlier approved, into a thermal recovery project with test wells that use a horizontal application of CSS. It is anticipated that regulatory approval could be received within several months from date of filing. Our proposed thermal recovery project will be located on the Northern half of section 10-92-13W5 and has good road access on most of Penn West Petroleum Ltd.’s (“Penn West”) hard packed roads. Section 10-92-13W5 is approximately 1.4 kilometers away from the nearest Penn West hard packed road. We intend to upgrade our existing winter road to section 10-92-13W5 to an all-weather road and acquire the remaining road infrastructure and build it as an all-weather road up to the proposed thermal recovery project site. We intend to upgrade and or build the all-weather road to our proposed thermal recovery project well site location during the initial phase of the project development.

Once we receive approval from the ERCB for our modification to our CSS application we plan to drill two horizontal wells along with two vertical observation wells on the North half of section 10-92-13W5 in order to conduct a Horizontal Cyclic Steam Stimulation (”HCSS”) thermal recovery project. The HCSS process injects steam into the oil sands deposit through a horizontal well. Pressure then pushes the steam into the oil sands while the heat of the steam allows the bitumen to flow easier. As the steam soaks into the oil sands deposit, the heated bitumen flows back to the same well, which has been converted to be a producer and is pumped to the surface. This process or cycle is then repeated several times in the formation.

To download a pdf copy of our proposed thermal recovery project click on the brochure link below:


Proposed Pilot Project Brochure PDF Download



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